The Gift that Keeps on Giving - Free Credit Monitoring and More...!

You won’t find it in a stocking or wrapped under your tree. It will not arrive on your roof on a sleigh or come down the chimney. So where do you find this fabulous gift? It’s in our online and mobile banking. And best of all it is FREE.

The holidays are a time of reflection and giving. But now more than ever, it’s also important to give yourself an EXTRA special gift. The risk of credit fraud and identity theft is especially prevalent during the holiday shopping season.

That’s why in addition to wishing our members a Happy Holiday Season, we’d like to remind you to enroll in Credit Sense, so you can protect yourself from the Grinches that are out there. Furthermore, you can also see your credit score, download your full credit report, and dispute any errors with the credit bureau, securely right within the app.

So this holiday season, give yourself the peace of mind and protection you deserve -- the gift of credit monitoring.