ATM Cards

Did you know you can receive an ATM card immediately? Yes, you can receive your ATM card the same day of opening an account.*

Members that have a Personal Savings account may get their free ATM card instantly by visiting any of our Branches in person and presenting proper identification.

The ATM card must be issued in person to the individual whose name appears on the card. Cards can still be issued through the mail through the existing channels. Your monthly statement will detail all transactions made with your ATM Card.

Remember, you can also choose your own unique PIN for your ATM Card!

*Some restrictions may apply. When using your Debit or ATM card at a Essential FCU ATM you are allowed to get up to $500 dollars cash in a 24 hour period. This $500 fraud limit is for the safety of our members in case their card is stolen. Essential FCU does not put a limit on daily transactions, such as purchases made at a retail stores. Daily ATM fraud limitations may be different at other financial institutions ATMs