Smart Chip Card FAQs

With the most recent transition to Smart Chip Cards, we recognize you may have questions.  We hope our comprised list of Frequently Asked Questions can help.  Please feel free to contact us at 888.369.2207 if you have additional questions.

Q: Why does my card not work at some EMV enabled merchants?
A: Merchants have implemented EMV in many different ways. For instance, some have chosen to support credit first and will add debit later. Or they might support the signature CVM option, but not Online PIN. While there are no issues with your EMV card, it will not work with every merchant setup today, and merchants might require that you fallback to the magnetic stripe on your EMV card. **The terminal may prompt you to remove your card from the chip card reader and swipe your card instead.

Q: How long will I see a different experience from merchant to merchant?
A: This is unknown at this time as each merchant may be in a different phase of their EMV implementation. Since there is no requirement to support every transaction type or CVM, etc, we expect varying experiences for the foreseeable future.

Q: Why do some merchants and ATMs require that I choose the card application I want to use before the transaction begins?
A: If the merchant terminal or ATM is not setup to auto select an application from your card, you may be prompted to choose one before proceeding with your transaction. Either application will allow your card to proceed, but there are some limitations, such as cashback only being supported on the US Common application.
There are default application names to assist cardholders with identifying these at the POS or ATM.
MC US Common AID = US MasterCard, MC Global AID = Intl MasterCard
Visa US Common AID = US Visa, Visa Global AID = Intl Visa

Q: Why am I being prompted for a signature or there is no verification method required at all on my PIN preferring card?
A: If the merchant does not support a PIN pad at their terminal, then it will choose the next highest CVM option on your card. On the US Common AID, the next option would be No CVM; on the Global AID, the next option is Signature, then No CVM.

Q: Is cashback supported with EMV? Will the transaction be different than with the mag cards?
A: Yes, cashback will be supported on the US Common AID (per the PIN-based regional networks) and the transaction should process as it does today.
Depending on how the merchant is set up, you might see the transaction process a couple of different ways. If you insert your card into the EMV reader and the cash back option is selected, then the terminal might ask the cardholder to remove their card and swipe and the transaction would then process as a magnetic stripe transaction.