Simple Checking

With a Simple Checking Account, it is what it sounds like...SIMPLE! Receive the perks of this free* checking account by simply having a monthly Direct Deposit or a Loan with a balance.



  • Minimum of one (1) Direct Deposit or
  • A Loan with a balance

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing your money is federally insured up to $250,000.6

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1A $8.00 maintenance fee applies when monthly requirements are not met.
2Depends on if your household contribution to the credit union equals at least $ 500 per month ending balance or if your relationship level is status one account or rewards account in order to avoid assessing a relationship fee. For more information please click here. 2 Free automatic loan payments from a Essential FCU Account only. 3There may be fees associated with foreign ATMs. 4Essential FCU will not return a check written to a merchant (as long as it does not bring your account below -$500), but will honor the check and draft the money from your account within 30 days. Normal NSF fees apply and there is a $34 service charge each time Safe Pay is implemented. Check eligibility. 5There is a $5.00 fee for transferring money from savings to the overdrawn account using the overdraft protection option. 6$250,000 in total account balances