CO-OP Shared Branch

With CO-OP Shared Branching, we go further so you don't have to!

Essential members now have free access to thousands of credit unions and surcharge-free ATMs all over the country for transactions...just like you were at home. At shared branches you can perform the following:

  • Deposits
  • Cash Withdrawals
  • Make Loan Payments
  • Transfers Between Accounts
  • Buy Money Orders, Travelers Checks and more!

To find a shared branch, visit, call 888-837-6500 or look for these symbols across the USA for participating credit unions.  You can also find a share branches and surcharge-free ATMs at the tip of your finger with the CO-OP Shared Branch and ATM locator apps.  Download the free apps by visiting your app store.  Search for CO-OP Shared Branch and CO-OP ATM Locator.

CO-OP Shared Branch



As an Essential member you have expanded access to even more ATMs nationwide, with CUliance, without being charged any transaction fees! Through CUliance, you can access any CU HERE™ ATMs, MoneyPass ATMs and Allpoint ATM terminals.  To find a surcharge-free ATM, click below or download the CUliance App!

Surcharge-free ATM locator