Consumer Loans

WE CAN HELP MAKE your dreams a reality.

Borrowing money to buy the things you need, from your first home, to a better education, and everything in between? Fortunately, Essential Federal Credit Union makes it easy. Our exceptionally low rates, flexible terms and quick online approvals can help you attain those needs, with enough left over to start thinking about what's next!

Discover for yourself how easy it is. Chances are, we have a loan that will work for you.

Auto Loans

Don't let anyone take you for an expensive ride with your auto loan. Trust your credit union for a new or used auto loan at a low rate, and for help in obtaining your best deal.

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Whether it is spent on the road or on the water, quality time with your loved ones is one of the most important things in life. Let Essential FCU help you secure more of that quality time with a Boat, RV or motorcycle loan.

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Secured Loans

When a borrower uses collateral to ensure payback, we classify that loan as a Secured Loan. The collateral may be a home, a vehicle, stocks or even the money you have in your savings account. Essential FCU has many secured loan options available to our members at great, low rates and a variety of loan repayment options.

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Vacation Loans

Relaxing is essential! Need a fun getaway?

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Ready Cash Loan

We recognize that life sometimes calls for cash immediately.  That's why we offer Ready Cash. It's ready when you need it!

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Personal Loans

Borrow on the strength of your credit alone with no collateral necessary.

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Tuition Loans

Education is an essential part of life, and we care about your education and the education you provide to your children.  That's why we offer grade school tuition loans.  Everything you need to get your children in school is waiting for you at Essential Federal Credit Union.

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Home Loans

Before you purchase, build or renovate your home, give us a call to make sure you're getting the best solution for your financial situation. When you compare our rates, points and fees, we think you'll be impressed by our winning combination of knowledge and service.

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Verify Insurance

In order to obtain your loan you may be required to provide proof of insurance in accordance to your Loan Agreement.  Get your insurance verification by a simple click with our Insurance Verification Online Customer Service Center.  Click here to visit to get started.

Using Your VISA Card When Traveling

When traveling please remember to notify Essential FCU to prevent unnecessary blocks on your card. Certain transactions may be blocked due to behavior conflicts on your card, this is for your security. Notifying Essential will make using your VISA Card easier so you can enjoy your traveling experience.  Contact us at 888.369.2207 or email us at  For Visa Global Emergency Assistance, please click here.

Smart Chip Card FAQs

Personal Loans - Essential Federal Credit Union

If you need access to personal loans in Baton Rouge, Essential Federal Credit Union can help. We offer a range of loans for every imaginable situation.