VISA Credit Cards

Essential FCU's Visa Cards are no-strings, no-hassle cards you can trust. We won't lower your credit limit on a whim, and we won't surprise you with a new interest rate. We give you a rate that starts out low - and stays that way.

Our rates are not tied to an index - so they won't go up automatically as the economy shifts. We also won't raise your rate because of how you spend money elsewhere, or your payment history with other accounts. What we care about is your relationship with us.

Our fine print is straightforward, and makes us a good value any way you look at it. Get rid of your high-rate cards and transfer those balances to a Essential FCU Visa card for real value you can trust. Apply Online!

  • Access Credit Card Info in ePAL - Access your credit card account and pay your credit card bill anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through ePAL.
  • Credit and Debit Card Fraud Prevention - A list of ways to protect you from plastic fraud and keep your sensitive information safe.
  • CURewards - Earn points for every dollar you spend. Use the points for merchandise, flights, cruises, and much more.
  • $10,000 Credit Protection - We offer Payment Protection for members who want comprehensive protection on their consumer loans from Essential FCU.
  • Verified by Visa - Verified by Visa is a service developed by Essential FCU and Visa to help ensure that only you use your visa card to shop online.
  • Zero Liability - Whether your VISA card number is stolen while shopping at the mall or shopping on the internet, Visa's Zero Liability policy* means 100% protection for you!
  • Design Your Own Card - Personalize your VISA credit card to show off your favorite picture or remember cherished moments. Essential FCU VISA credit cards now give you the flexibility to DESIGN YOUR OWN CARD.

When traveling please remember to notify Essential FCU to prevent unnecessary blocks on your card. Certain transactions may be blocked due to behavior conflicts on your card, this is for your security. Notifying Essential FCU will make using your VISA Card easier so you can enjoy your traveling experience.

No Annual Fees, No Application Fees, No Balance Transfer Fees, Extra Consumer Protection, Online Account Access, Optional Credit Insurance, and Local Member Support.

Essential FCU also offers Prepaid VISA cards. Click here to learn more.

Apply at any Essential FCU Location, Call toll free 1.888.369.2207 or Apply Online!

*Please note that the online application discount of .25 basis points is not applicable on Mortgage Loans, or Visa Credit Card products.

**Once approved, you will receive a cardholder agreement that gives you the details of your VISA account.