Smart Chip Credit Cards

Smart Chip technology on credit cards is becoming the standard practice with its enhanced level of security, and successful fraud reduction around the world. We are committed to protecting you and your assets; that’s why we are bringing the latest technology to you.

For added protection, your new card will contain a new expiration date, 3-digit code (CVV) on the back of your card and possibly a new account number. However, for your convenience, the following will remain the same:

  • Interest rates
  • Payment due date
  • The magnetic strip can still be swiped at U.S. merchants that haven’t transitioned yet
  • You still have all the benefits you enjoyed before, including My Rewards

Once you receive your new card, follow the instructions affixed to your card to activate your new Smart Chip Credit Card.  Once you have received and activated your new card, please destroy your old card.  You may need to update your card's new information on any accounts that are linked to your credit card (ie. iTunes, Paypal, etc.).

To use your new card simply:

  • Insert the chip end of your card into the terminal; instead of swiping
  • Keep your card in the terminal to complete your transaction
  • Don’t forget to take your card with you when you leave

Be sure to stop by any branch for your free smart chip card blocker sleeve for enhanced security!