My Rewards

If you've always thought you should be rewarded for spending money, you can! Anytime you use your Essential Platinum VISA credit card, you earn valuable points toward premium merchandise, airline tickets, hotel and rental accommodations through the My Rewards program.

Redeem Rewards

How the Program Works

If you have a Platinum VISA credit card from Essential, you automatically earn 1 point for every dollar spent when you use your card to make any type of purchase.  When you visit and use our "new" Perks Points Mall, you can earn up to 3x points! 

There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn.  These valuable points are good towards merchandise, gift cards, airline tickets and more! You can also choose to redeem them for great travel options like cruises, rental cars, hotels and overseas tours.

It's easy to view all the exciting awards available, select merchandise or travel benefits, or receive many more details about the program. Just visit and login to access the information. You will also find printable order forms and instructions on how to redeem your rewards.

You may redeem points for merchandise via mail or online at

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Please note: Once approved, you will receive a cardholder agreement that gives you the details of your VISA account.