If you are looking for a way to clear up some space in your filing cabinet and keep your financial information more secure, then we have the answer for you...choose to receive e-statements instead of a paper statement! View your statements by a secure download process instead of waiting to receive them through the US Postal System!


  • Help stop fraud and identity theft on your account by minimizing the chances of criminals getting their hands on printed statements.
  • Available much quicker than receiving your statement via postal mail.
  • At your finger tips and archived in our secured online banking system for up to 12 months.
  • Saves your counter or desk space, since you won't have all the paper clutter anymore.
  • FREE!


How It Works

e-Statements are electronic versions of your financial statements which are archived on Essential FCU's secure online banking system. e-Statements are easy to view and can also be printed or saved to your computer. Each month, you will receive an email notification that your e-Statement is ready for viewing via e-pal Online Banking. You simply log in to the secure site and download your e-Statement!